Memory Beads

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This unique bead fits on most major brand charm bracelets or can be worn on a necklace. 

Wear one as a unique sentimental piece, or create a story with multiple beads. 

Choose from Smooth or Faceted.

Pair it with one of our charm bracelets, available to fit with your Memory Beads (sold separately).

Pricing starts at $120 for one bead - purchase Additional Beads and save 40% (using the same preserved milk)! Each bead can be customized individually with different shimmers and color tints. Just explain how you'd like them in the "Design It" section of your order.

If you would like different/multiple milks preserved for the additional beads, please add the Extra Preservation item for each additional milk.

Available in sterling silver center core, embossed with "Forever In My Heart".

** Disclaimer: The process to craft milk jewelry sometimes yields small air bubbles in the stones, and but effect the integrity of your piece. **