What is keepsake jewelry?
Keepsake jewelry is made from (almost) any item that has sentimental value to you. It is a way to wear your memories. The most common keepsake I create is breast milk jewelry - it is a tangible & personal way to capture your breastfeeding journey. I use a small amount of breast milk, preserve it into a stone, and create a unique piece of jewelry that you'll treasure forever. All keepsake pieces are created using your own inclusions.


How does the whole process work? How is it made?
All pieces listed can be made using your own inclusion. The process (on your end!) is pretty simple: choose your jewelry, decide on your inclusions, select any Add-Ons, and specify your design. After you place your order, you will mail in your inclusion items. It will be preserved and set in jeweler's resin to create a stone for the jewelry setting of your choice.


What else can I have preserved?
Currently, we can accommodate breast milk, infant formula (powder or liquid), hair, encapsulated placenta, umbilical cord, cremains/ashes, pet fur, fabric, and dried flowers. Be sure to check each jewelry piece listing to see what can be accommodated in the setting style of your choice.


How much breast milk or formula do I need for a piece of jewelry?
Generally, we request 10-15ml (just about an ounce), which is more than enough to make multiple pieces of jewelry. If you are low supply, but would still like a piece made, please email prior to ordering to discuss options. I was a low supply mother, too, so I understand how hard it can be to get that little bit of extra milk! Please do not send in the last of your inclusions! If sending in powdered formula, please send in enough to mix 1 oz. For all other inclusion amounts, please click here.


Can I use more than one milk?
If you would like to include milk from more than one baby, please mix them together prior to sending. If you would like separate milks preserved to be included in the same piece of jewelry, there will be a processing fee of $25 to preserve additional milks, please add this option to your cart.


How do I mail in my inclusions? Is there a time limit?
Mailing inclusions is fairly simple! Once your order is placed, you will receive an email linking to detailed instructions for labeling and mailing your milk. If you would like to read the directions beforehand, please click here. There is no time limit, but please mail inclusions within 30 days, in order to be placed into the processing queue. Turnaround time is based on when inclusions are received, not order placed.
Need help mailing in your inclusions? You can purchase a Memory Mailing Kit here!


Do you accept international orders?
Unfortunately, we do not accept international orders at this time. But I know lots of talented DNA artists in many different countries - we're happy to refer you to one near you!


How long can I expect to wait for my jewelry to be shipped?
Usual turnaround time is 6-8 weeks from the time your inclusions are received. If you're not quite ready to purchase just yet, we suggest you check back when ready to see the latest processing times. The current turnaround time is always stated at the top of the website.


How do I know what ring size to purchase?
The most accurate way to size your finger is to visit a local jewelry store and request a fitting from a professional. If you're unable to do so, a ring sizer can be purchased here.

  • Disclaimer - rings CANNOT be resized once they are complete! Please make sure you are certain about your ring size. Refunds will not be issued if we provided the ring size stated in your order and it doesn't fit.


How do I know I'll get my own milk back in my design?
We are truly honored for you to trust us with your precious milk, which is why we have created systems to guarantee you will receive your jewelry with your own milk. Your inclusion is labeled with your name and order number during every step of the process, from receipt, to preservation, to completion.


I only have old milk, can I still get jewelry made?
Absolutely! Since your milk is not for consumption, fresh/"good" milk is not required. If your milk was kept out just a little too long, or was forgotten in the fridge or freezer, no problem! As long as your milk isn't moldy, you're all set. Once we receive your milk, it is unpacked, labeled & recorded, and placed into a fridge until ready for preservation.


What are the different metals your jewelry is offered in?
We currently offer most pieces in sterling silver & 14k gold-filled. Both of these metals are 100% nickel free and hypoallergenic.

  • Sterling Silver pieces are 925 sterling silver, meaning they are made of 92.5% silver.
  • Gold-Filled pieces have a thick layer of solid 14k gold pressure-bonded to a high quality metal core. This is different than gold plate or gold-plated. Plated metal is made by dipping any kind of metal in a very thin coat of gold, which can result in the gold eventually fading, flaking, or tarnishing.
  • Solid Gold pieces are available as a custom order and will be priced out according to current gold market prices.


What happens to the leftover milk after the jewelry is made?
Your preserved milk is stored forever! If you'd like to order more jewelry in the future, you will receive a 20% off discount, and won't have to mail in more milk! If you'd like to take advantage of this deal, contact us at info@liquidgoldsmith.com to check the status of your preserved milk and receive your unique promo code.


Can I make a change to my order once it is placed?
Changes to your order can be made free of charge within 48 hours after the order is placed. After 48 hours, only minor changes can be made (like coloring) - this is because once you've placed your order, we immediately begin to prepare for your milk arrival and order jewelry settings. Design changes can only be accommodated within 10 days of the order placed. After that, we are unable to make any changes to your order.


Do you issue refunds or have a cancellation policy?

  • Order cancellations must be made within 5 days of purchase, prior to sending inclusions. A refund will be issued, minus a cancellation fee of 15%. However, once inclusions are received, there are no cancellations.
  • Orders are non-refundable once inclusions are received.
  • No refunds are offered in the event an incorrect shipping address was provided.
  • Returns are unable to be accepted, due to the nature that every piece is custom for the individual and contains personal DNA elements.
  • If you are requesting a cancellation AFTER mailing your milk, but prior to us receiving, please email to discuss possibility of mailing back your milk.

** Please note: Refunds will not be issued if your ring doesn't fit. It is the buyer's responsibility to provide an accurate ring size when ordering. **


How do I care for my keepsake?
You can find care instructions here!


Do you sell gift certificates?
Yes! We offer gift certificates starting at $25. It would be a fantastic baby shower or welcome baby gift, or a thoughtful birthday/Mother's Day/Holiday gift - whatever the occasion! Keepsake jewelry is designed for all stages of life.