Inclusion Shipping Instructions

Once your order is placed, you will receive an email with a link to these detailed instructions of how to measure, label, & ship your inclusions. The shipping address will be included in the email.

If you do not receive the email, or was deleted, please contact us at

Milk Requirements  Have fresh milk? Frozen? Old milk that was kept out too long? No problem! As long as it does not have mold, any milk will work.

If the milk has been previously frozen, please thaw, and ship at room temperature. We don't want your shipping package to get soggy from melting milk.

The milk does not need to be kept cold during transit, so no need to include ice packs or dry ice. Your milk will stay good long enough to make it through transit.
Measure It Please send half an ounce (15ml) of breast milk or liquid formula as soon as you can! Do not use milk storage bags to measure, as they can be inaccurate; use a measuring cup, bottle, or syringe. It is important that you ship your milk in breast milk storage bags (as instructed below). Brand new, sealed storage bags are sterile, and will prevent the growth of bacteria during shipping.

If sending in powder formula, please send enough to mix 1 oz.

Sending more milk than is required is not necessary, as it will not be preserved.

If you are low supply, or only have 15ml or less, please email prior to ordering to discuss options.
Bag it Place your measured milk in a new breast milk storage bag. BE CAREFUL not to touch the inside of the bag with your fingers, as this can cause bacteria growth. Make sure the bag is sealed tightly, and then place this bag into another breast milk storage bag, sealed tightly. Finally, place the double-bagged milk into a heavy duty or freezer zip bag, being sure to seal tightly.

** All these bags are to ensure your milk is safe during transit! Don't want any tears over spilled milk, we've all been there!**

DO NOT send milk in bottles or other containers, as these are not sterile and can cause bacteria growth during transit. These containers may also crack or break.
Label & Ship It

On the outside of the final bag, please label with your FULL NAME (as written during your order) & ORDER NUMBER.

** If you're feeling extra thorough, you can label each individual bag with your name and order number as well. **

Please ship inclusions in a padded bubble mailer. The added cushion will help ensure your milk arrives safely. Our preferred method of shipping is USPS First Class (as a package/parcel, not large envelope!), and be sure to receive a tracking number. Please DO NOT request signature confirmation. Your inclusions are always delivered to a locked postal box, so they will be safe!

If you would like us to help track your milk, you can email the tracking information to

Inform the post office that you are shipping a liquid, so they can mark the package if needed. Yes, you will probably get a funny look! If you want to skip the explanation, you can use the automated machine, if available at your post office.

** Please note: we are not responsible for lost inclusions. This is why we request that you DO NOT send the last of your milk. **

You are responsible for the cost of shipping your inclusions.

Don't want to deal with all the labeling and shipping? Purchase a Milk Mailing Kit here!

Lock of Hair Place a small lock, tied with a string in a separate labeled zip bag. It doesn't take much, about 1" long with about 10-20 strands. If it is very curly hair, please wrap the curl around a straw to preserve the shape. Please label bag with your name and order #.
Ashes, Encapsulated Placenta, Umbilical Cord, Dried Flowers

For ashes, encapsulated placenta, umbilical cord, dried flowers - place each different inclusion in a separate zip bag, with your name and order number. Please make sure they are completely dried before shipping. If you can find a silica gel packet to place inside, that helps!

Ashes - about 1/4 teaspoon
Encapsulated Placenta - 2 capsules
Dried flowers - 1-2 petals of each color/type wanted