Add-on options are a great way to personalize your jewelry, and truly make it your own. All add-ons are included in the price of your jewelry, and can be combined in any combination you'd like. If you see something you love, tell us how you want it incorporated into your piece.
Please note: not all add-ons can be accommodated in every piece. Please check the item description & options.
** Disclaimer - please keep in mind colors may vary depending on your screen. **

Color Tints

Color tints add a unique element to your individual piece. Some choose to add one or more Color Tints to their piece, to give a more custom and unique look. Please see below for our full line of Color Tints. It can be a full color, two colors swirled together, a light dusting, or a even an ombre effect.
Colors can be combined in any combination desired.

Metal Flakes

Gold Flakes                         Silver Flakes                  Copper Flakes
Metal Flakes can add a whole different level of sparkle to your jewelry. They can be fully swirled in throughout the breast milk jewel (left, Gold Flakes), foil leaf application at the front of the keepsake jewel (center, Silver Flakes), or concentrated in one area, creating an ombre-like look (right, Copper Flakes).