Pump Up The Jam Vinyl Sticker

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Rock out while you're pumping, and show off your mom-cool with this dope sticker.

Sticker size: 2.75"h x 1.75"w

Mix - Match - Save! Buy any 3 stickers to your cart and get 1 free (discount taken when 4 stickers are added to cart).

*** Please note from the printer: These vinyl stickers are waterproof, UV proof, scratch resistant, and super durable! Printed on durable SUPER high quality vinyl with a clear, MATTE laminate to seal the print.
During testing, it was found that print quality wasn't altered with dishwasher use, it's always recommended to hand wash any drinkware that you use vinyl stickers on. The extreme heat from a dishwasher can shorten the life of your stickers. Printer also does not recommend for use on cars - the material is rated for outdoor use and many have good outcome but personally didn't love the performance. ***

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